We're sharing... a Stationery Subscription designed to make you happier.

Curated by Julie of Bumblebee Press with Circle Collaborative

Stationery to make small practices of gratitude a little easier. 

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A peek from December...

This box included 5 limited edition letterpress cards on cotton, a set of gift tags with hemp twine, stamps, and a pen.

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Imagine Stressing Less and Connecting More

Love getting a handwritten note in the mail? It's Just. So. Nice.

Sending a handwritten letter can really change someone's day. Including yours. Taking a few minutes to connect in writing, even for just a few minutes, can make YOU happier.

Half the battle of sending notes is having them when your inspiration strikes. We can help with that.

Simplicity is Priceless  

Never Miss Another Milestone

Scout's promise, having stationery on hand makes it so much easier to celebrate others, even when you can't be there in person.

Goodbye Analysis Paralysis

You'll receive a curated collection each month, delivered to your door. No more wasted time staring glassy-eyed and lost in the card aisle.

No Time to Shop? No Problem

You have better things to do. Like making someone's day with a handwritten note.

Fall in Love with Paper

Your bestie will love a heartfelt note written on a paper plate. But there's a certain joy with a beautiful piece of stationery... Those are the keepers.

And Gratitude Rocks

There are so many benefits of tuning your brain to gratitude.

But you already knew this. The problem is finding the time to actually practice it.

Make it easier by having your own stationery within reach. The beauty of writing letters is that the kindness is compounded. You'll benefit. And most definitely, the one who opens your letter.

made by hand, by a person

 This is the way I always want to buy stationery - made by hand, by a person, not a faceless company.

MARGARET RODE // Business Coach, Evergreen, CO


The paper is luxurious. Even better than Crane which has been my favorite for years.

REV. JILL JOYNER  //  Pop Up Flowers

Practicality meets Pleasure 

You don't have to have beautiful paper to write a heartfelt note. And you don't have to be a poet. But having stationery on hand makes it easier. It doesn't hurt if it's beautiful, to boot.

And little practices of gratitude? They add up. For all of us.

What's in the Box?

Every month you'll receive you a limited edition collection of stationery along with a few surprises. All curated to make it easier for you to connect with others... to get inspired, and simplify.

  1. 1
    3-5 mailable pieces. Folding notes, correspondence cards, letter sheets, postcards, occasions cards, and more. You'll receive different sizes and styles with beautiful paper sourced from all over the world. 
  2. 2
    + more stationery. Think gift tags, bookmarks, enclosure cards, field notes, ... every month we'll include 2-3 inspired pieces. 
  3. 3
    ++ stamps and a pen.  You'll have everything you need to start writing. 

Each box will have a retail value of at at least $40.

JULIE FRANKLIN  //  Letterpress Printer, Paper Explorer

I fell in love with paper around ten when I was tasked with "organizing the paper closet" at my dad's office. (Pretty sure they were just trying to keep me busy.) Fast forward after few decades of letterpress printing... I still love paper. And a beautiful print, and connecting with people. 

And I'm grateful for so much. But I've found that taking the time to write all the letters and notes I'd like to... can sometimes be a challenge. I want to change that. It's the perfect time. And if you'd like to join me, I invite you. 

scout hebinck - photographer

Choose this stationary if you want the person who receives it to keep it and keep going back to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will boxes ship?

Boxes will generally begin shipping by the 2nd week of the month.

Will all of this stationery be letterpress printed and designed by Bumblebee Press?

Some (a good bit) will. But we also have a few good surprises planned for you. 

Every box is curated by Julie of Bumblebee Press. We've worked with some pretty amazing artists and designers over the years, and we're excited to share some of their work with you, too.

We love letterpress, so you can be sure that is (very much) in the mix. We're excited about including other interesting techniques that we love and think you will, too. 

We're going to include all kinds of beautiful pieces for you. 

Is this subscription for men? Women? Both?

It's really for two kinds of people. People that crave simplicity and are interested in the practicality of having great stationery on hand. And people that love beautiful paper, letterpress, and design. Sometimes those two people are one and the same... and gender doesn't really come into play.

What if I want more of a certain card?

Some stationery in your box will be limited edition pieces created just for our members. Down the road we may offer any extras (if available) to you, as a member, first. 

If you've fallen in love with a certain card or you're writing more (yay!) let us know. 

We're counting on you to tell us you want, and what you want more of. We're hoping each month brings you more and more favorites.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason. 

We want every person that opens our boxes to be happy. That includes you.


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